Dentist Who Does Teeth Whitening in Villas Talks on the History of the Procedure

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Dental Services

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These days, in an effort to keep up with looking as good as the next guy, people are getting teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures done. Cape May Family Dental of New Jersey does Teeth Whitening in Villas, New Jersey. They do a complete range of dental services to repair any outages with your teeth and also promote the best dental care possible. They want to give you a brief history on the popular cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening.

The practice of teeth whitening goes all the way back thousands of years in ancient Egypt and Rome. The ancient Egyptians practiced the teeth whitening procedure by using pumice stone mixed with wine vinegar. The mixture would be applied to their teeth using chew sticks. However, the Romans had a different idea albeit unusual. They used human urine as a whitening agent, and contrary to obvious aversion to this method, it was shown that ammonia (found in the urine) actually aids in whitening teeth. By the time of the 1700’s, when barbers became responsible for also making the teeth look their whitest, they filed the teeth down with a metal tool and then with a nitric acid application to the teeth, would make them shiny and white. The liability in this procedure is that the enamel of the teeth would be worn down, revealing a debilitating brew of pulp and decay. Click here

Times and techniques have advanced rapidly and Cape May Family Dental, with their Teeth Whitening in Villas, New Jersey and other dental services have taken advantage of technology for your benefit. They not only provide teeth whitening services, they offer other cosmetic procedures, services of a General Dentist such as teeth cleanings, dental implants such as dentures and fixed bridges, and emergency dentistry such as root canals, tooth extractions and repairs of chipped teeth. In addition to the Cape May area and Villas, they serve patients in Rio Grande, Whitesboro, Wildwood and Green Creek. You can find more about the different services of Cape May Family Dental on their website, Website Domain. For an appointment for Teeth Whitening in Villas, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, contact Cape May Family Dental.

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