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by | Feb 11, 2019 | Dentists

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There are many well established offices to provide various dental treatments in Smyrna TN. The services provided by dental specialists are multiple including, inlays, onlays and transplants, which are described here. A filling treatment is called inlay which is done for the cusps i.e. on the surface area of teeth, whereas onlays are related to partial crowns. Both the treatments provide us with beautiful teeth having strong structure, and they function properly.


There are many advantages of inlays other than strength, as the method is very suitable when there is less damage to the tooth, and it replaces a crown method. Porcelain is used for this purpose, which help to maintain the original color. Moreover, aesthetically it’s very useful, enhancing the appearance.

Material used for inlays as well as outlays:

*     Gold alloy

*     Porcelain

*     Resin

The selection depends on budget, and patient’s choice, because gold is expensive than other materials, but its long lasting. Moreover, you can take benefit for long, if you take care of your teeth in terms of hygiene, which we all know that brushing, and cleaning the teeth regularly is very important. You should clean them after every meal and before sleeping, moreover flossing is also required once, or two times a day. Never chew hard food in the treated area, and try to visit your dentist on a regular basis. Living in Smyrna TN, you can easily get a well practiced dental specialist in this regard.

Fixing a tooth

Sometimes you miss a tooth due to an accident, which changes your appearance, and you will feel embarrassed while talking, smiling, or eating in public. So, in this condition you need an implant, which can give you benefit in many ways including a good appearance. An implant is almost like a permanent solution as the tooth is fixed in the bone, so it’s very durable. The process involves more than one tooth, and sometimes a complete tooth implant is required for old people.

The biggest advantage is that, there are no chances of slipping off the teeth, like dentures which are fixed by hands. You will never lose comfort with implanted teeth, and it would be much easier to eat your food. Whereas, unfixed dentures can hinder while eating, making the chewing process difficult, and sometimes they may cause severe pains.

The overall oral health gets better with an implant in terms of strength, and movement, besides the appearance does not change, which often happens in unfixed dentures. With an implant, the frequent removal is not there as in unfixed dentures, which will affect you psychologically. The specialists say that implanted teeth can be 98 percent successful depending on the jaw position. But, you need a well qualified and experienced dental surgeon for this purpose, and if you live in Smyrna TN, you can easily find one. If everything goes right, and you take care of your teeth after an implant, it can stay there for a life time.

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