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by | Jun 18, 2013 | Dentist

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At some point or another, many people find that they need to have a permanent tooth pulled out. The tooth can be painful, and the dentist may say that they have no other option but to remove the tooth. If the tooth is in the front, this can be really embarrassing. People will notice the missing tooth and look at the gap. A person may not feel comfortable smiling. If this happens to a child or a teen they may get made fun of. A great option is Dental Care Chestnut Hill. This is a dental service offered all over the word, including in the Mesa, AZ area.

A dental implant is when a fake tooth is created and inserted into the gums. Some people may have one tooth done while other people may get every tooth done. This is a permanent solution that stays in the mouth, unlike dentures which come out at the end of the day and when needed. Dental implants look just like a person’s regular tooth, so that other people do not notice that a person is missing a tooth or that they have a fake tooth.

Unlike standard dental services, this is considered an optional service. Standard services are teeth cleaning, x-rays, and things like root canals. A person must have those services. Implants are considered a luxury or cosmetic dental service. The other option is dentures or a gap in the teeth. Dental implants are for people willing to pay a bit more to have a beautiful smile. Many times dental insurance will only cover a portion of these services, and the patient will have expenses out of pocket.

Many dentist offices have payment plans that make this service affordable for anyone who wants it. They may set up monthly payments that allows a person to pay off the services over time. Others may offer Care Credit or a credit program offered by a third party. Almost every office takes credit cards, which allow the person to get the implants and pay off their new smile over time after they receive the services.

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