Dental Implants in Phillipsburg Replace Missing Teeth

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Losing one tooth or several teeth is a very upsetting experience for people. They’ve had to undergo the experience of a tooth extraction and face looking at a gap in their smile. If it’s a front tooth, it could cause severe embarrassment. Dental Implants Phillipsburg  are a solution that will give a patient back their smile. However, some patients fear that the process might be painful. They will be relieved to hear that modern anesthetics will prevent them from feeling any pain. Other patients will fear the cost of the implant procedure. The dentists at Phillipsburg Family Dental want patients to receive the care they need. So they accept most insurance programs and work with patients who need payment plans.

Once the jaw and gum have healed from the tooth extraction, a titanium implant will be inserted into the patient’s jaw. It’s important not to wait too long. Once the jaw bone doesn’t have a tooth root to support, it begins to disintegrate. If the patient waits too long, the jaw won’t be strong enough to support an implant. In that case, an oral surgeon will have to perform a bone graft to strengthen the jaw bone.

It takes about eight weeks for the jaw to heal after an implant and to fully incorporate the implant. Once that phase is complete, the implant functions just like any other tooth root. The dentist takes an impression of both upper and lower teeth and has a porcelain crown made to fit over the implant. Special attention is paid to matching it to the surrounding teeth. When it’s cemented on the implant, no one will notice that it’s not the original tooth.

Dental Implants Phillipsburg are also used to anchor full dentures. When people find out that they have to have all of their teeth removed and be fitted with dentures, they are afraid that they won’t look natural. Today’s dentures look very real and are comfortable to wear. Implants are inserted into the jaw in several locations. They are then fitted with small metal balls. The location of these match slots in the bottom of the dentures. Each morning the denture wearer snaps them securely into place.

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