Common Services from Dentists in Basking Ridge NJ

by | May 28, 2020 | dentistry

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You should go to a dental office about once every six months; if you can’t manage that, then you should make sure that you get there at least once a year. In your yearly visits, you will get checkups and teeth cleanings to help keep your teeth in their best possible shape. In addition to routine cleanings, you should also go to a doctor every time that you experience pain in your mouth. There are some common services from dentists that can be done on your routine visits.

Teeth Cleanings

A teeth cleaning is the most common service from dentists in Basking Ridge NJ. Cleaning your teeth is important because it allows the dental professionals to inspect your teeth for signs of problems. Also, they will help reduce the likelihood of problems growing in the future. For example, plaque can build up on your teeth over time. This is often what makes your teeth look yellow. The plaque also serves to trap food and bacteria in your teeth, facilitating the growth of infections in your gums and teeth.

The Bedminster Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help you deal with your routine cleanings and other appointments that you need. They can X-ray your teeth as well as perform other routine services.


Dentists might x-ray your teeth when you go to their offices to help investigate the health of your teeth. Your teeth are partially below the surface of your gums. To truly look at them, a doctor needs to x-ray your teeth. Your teeth are anchored into the gums, and some of your teeth can be partially obscured below the gums. For example, if you still have your wisdom teeth, they could be mostly below the surface. An x-ray will reveal if they are still healthy. That can help reduce the possibility of problems in the future.

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