Common Dental Problems in Children

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Dental Care

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If you are visiting several dentists in Anne Arundel to determine which one is right for your child, you need to know about the common dental problems in children so that you will be able to spot them and explain certain symptoms to the dentist. Many kids suck their thumbs and they may do it out of nervousness or just because it is comfortable for them to do. But what some parents to not realize is that as a child sucks on his thumb excessively this puts too much pressure on the upper front teeth and this leads to dental problems. Here are other common dental problems in children that dentists in Anne Arundel deal with.


Cavities are very common in children and they need to be taken care of as soon as you spot them in your child. Cavities occur when holes appear in the teeth as the result of excess plaque in the teeth. When your child eats foods that are not the healthiest such as sugary snacks on a regular basis, this often leads to cavities. When the child does not brush his teeth and floss properly, it causes cavities to develop.

Tooth Misalignment

Another common dental problem in children is tooth misalignment and this is because children’s teeth tend to grow inside very small spaces in their mouth. As a result the child will have a hard time biting and chewing. There may also be pain in the child’s teeth and gums due to tooth misalignment. Choose experienced dentists in Anne Arundel that fix the problem by giving the child braces.

Sensitive Teeth

Some children suffer from sensitive teeth and this is caused by a wearing down of tooth enamel. When children eat or drink foods that are very hot or cold this causes a breakdown of tooth enamel and as a result the teeth becomes sensitive. Some dentists in Anne Arundel may give the child a certain toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth to reduce the discomfort.

Children experience some sort of dental problems throughout their lives but they don’t have to become severe. You should have your child visit Annapolis Dental Associates regularly so that he can detect dental problems early and treat them. Your child should brush and floss nightly after meals and you want to feed him mostly healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods for healthy teeth. Most importantly, be a good example to your child by practicing good dental habits. If you need good dentists, contact Dr. Berger and Dr. Waddell.

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