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Not all patients who go to their dental clinics have a clue about dentistry. Some knowledge of dental diseases are limited to the concepts of “pain” and “gums.” However, there are a large number of diseases and each has several stages and forms. That’s why some diagnoses in dentistry have very long names. As a rule, when talking about the diseases of the teeth, one that first comes to mind is decay. Many people know about the existence of pulpitis and periodontitis, as well. In addition, there are other diseases your family dental in Gilbert AZ wants you to be aware of.


Cavities are pathological processes associated with the destruction of the enamel and the dentin layer. The cause of this disease is when bacteria collects on the surface of the tooth. As a result, metabolic acid is formed, which negatively affects the strength of the enamel, becoming porous. Through micro-cracks and pores, bacteria penetrate into the interior of the tooth, while continuing to destroy its walls.


In the propagation of caries, deep into the tooth pulp chamber, is something that leads to inflammation of the nerve. Acute pain usually intensifies during the night. A distinctive feature of caries is that the pain does not subside when you remove the stimulus. The pulp can be acute or chronic and, if it is the latter, periods of remission are followed by periods of exacerbation. Treatment of the disease occurs by removing the tooth nerve under anesthesia treatment and sealing of the channel.


Inflammatory periodontal disease develops after untreated caries and pulpitis sets. Bacteria spreads beyond the apex, causing inflammation around the exposed tissue. Family Dental Gilbert AZ states that periodontitis symptoms consist pain when biting. The disease can develop in several ways. The formation of a cyst or granuloma may disturb the patient when biting. At the same time, the existence of an inflammatory process is present during a dental examination.


Edentia is a complete or partial absence of teeth. This condition can be primary or secondary. In primary edentulous, the patient is missing all or some teeth. The cause of this condition consist of genetic disorders and inflammatory diseases of deciduous teeth. Secondary edentia occurs in various diseases that lead to tooth loss. Treatment involves the use of different methods of prosthetics.

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