An Improved Smile from a New York Cosmetic Dentist

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Dental Care

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Whiter, straighter teeth give people a sense of confidence. Most people feel better about themselves when they know that they have beautiful smile, and the public usually remark on others who have an endearing. Not everyone has perfect teeth. Sometimes it takes some help to get there. A New York Cosmetic Dentist can provide just the right care to make an acceptable smile, beautiful. Some of the procedures that are used by a cosmetic dentist include, teeth whitening services, caps, and braces to straighten teeth.

Porcelain caps have become more popular, because they can give people perfect-looking teeth within a single treatment. The caps are placed on the teeth by a New York Cosmetic Dentist from, and the patient walks out with a more desirable smile. Perfect-looking straight, brilliantly white teeth that look and feel natural can be the end result of a trip to an experienced dentist who is skilled in applying dental caps. Some people opt or need just a few teeth fitted with the caps to cover irregularities, while other people prefer to have a full set of the caps.

Dental caps can adjust gaps in teeth as well as help support weak teeth. They completely cover the teeth. Caps are available in a variety of materials, including resin, which might need to be replaced due to wear and tear. For the results to look as natural as possible, the caps must fit perfectly onto the tooth. The dentist might recommend that for cosmetic purposes, the natural teeth are whitened first. The dentist might give the patient a series of cards colored in various degrees of white. These cards are used to either indicate how white the dentist can get the patient’s teeth or the degree of whiteness that the patient would like his or her teeth to be.

Finally, braces are used to help straighten a person’s natural teeth. Braces are now available in different styles to suit those who are recommended to use traditional metal braces and people for home clear braces are the best option. Both types gradually straighten the teeth, but the clear braces are removable. They are removed before eating, playing some types of sports, or for photographs.

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