Air Abrasion is a Safe Procedure from a Dentist in Highland Park

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Dentists

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People often think about painful drills and other invasive tools when they think about visiting a dentist in Highland Park. These thoughts only make dental anxieties worse. However, there is one treatment that is being used to support the ways how the teeth are controlled. This treatment is known as air abrasion. It is make to create a safer and more comfortable way to treat many conditions around the teeth.

Air abrasion works as something that can be handled instead of a drill. It uses air that has been mixed with items like silica or aluminum oxide to wash away some of the decaying materials around teeth. It is made to create a more comfortable approach to a treatment without worrying about a drill creating the pressure that a patient might be uncomfortable with.

How it Works

A dentist in Highland Park can use this treatment by first getting compressed air prepared. This air is linked up to a smaller blasting device. This device is used for administering air onto the teeth. This is going to be used in your procedure lieu of the traditional drill that you might have to put up with in a normal procedure.

Some particles of silica are also added into the air. In some cases aluminum oxide may be used. These are both used in the air abrasion procedure because they are both capable of stripping decaying items around the teeth. They have a sand-like texture to help get the teeth contoured and treated the right way without creating too many pains in the process.

Why Is It Used?

Your dentist can use this procedure to remove tooth decay. This includes removing old tissues around the teeth that have died out. This makes it a little easier for the dentist to get access to a spot that a filling has to be placed in. The procedure could even be used to remove old spots on teeth that might keep them from being in a healthy white color.

There’s also the need to get this handled so excess enamel can be removed. There are cases where excess enamel deposits can cause your smile to look unusual or even keep teeth from developing in the right ways. Your dentist can use this procedure to keep the excess enamel out of the way without risking problems to the rest of the teeth.


You should be aware of the precautions that your dentist can use. Your dentist can ask you to wear protective goggles during the procedure. Sometimes the gums around the treated area may be covered as well. This is all done to protect all of these spots from the particles that might come out in the procedure so nothing is hurt in any way.

The process of handling air abrasion is something to find when getting help from a dentist in Highland Park. Your dentist should be using air abrasion to protect your teeth from potential issues that come with a drill. Abrasion keeps your teeth comfortable while making sure that an appropriate treatment is being taken care of at the same time it is used.

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