A Dentist in Tannersville May Treat Jaw Pain with Non-Surgical Means

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One never expects, jaw pain, or knows when it may begin occurring. Even worse, there are at least five major reasons for jaw pain, ranging from relatively marginal and small to concerns requiring rather substantial surgery and care. Professional Family Dentists know all the possible reasons for jaw pain, and can easily recognize them when they see them. Below is an outline for knowing when the jaw pain is just a small concern, and potentially predicting when it has become a major issue. It is important to remember that any jaw pain lasting over a day could very well indicate a major ailment, and should be followed through with a visit to the Dentist in Tannersville.

An Infection: Medication Required

Jaw pain will not always require surgery. In the case of infection, only antibiotics may be required. An infection could begin along the gums or in an area below the teeth. For example, a small hole could be caused between the tooth and the gums. This hole could be filled with bacteria, and without proper care it could grow an infectious grouping. This is sometimes caused by tooth grinding, especially if the grinding is enough to cause actual damage to the gums.

Tooth Grinding All Night Long

This leads directly into the next common reason for jaw pain, and that is tooth grinding. Many patients will just subtly grind their teeth at night. It does not always mean that the gums will face physical damage. It could simply be subtle aches and pains that sporadically appear throughout the days and weeks. One of the major considerations for a Dentist in Tannersville is the extent of the grinding. It could be maintained with something as simple as a mouth protector. Obviously, this is a small consideration and a non-intrusive one.

It is better to act early with any suspicion of teeth grinding to avoid surgery, or else a patient may kick themselves in the foot knowing it could have been avoided with a simple mouth guard. These two considerations are elemental in determining what could be causing jaw aches. Just because they are inconsistent and not jaw-numbing, it does not mean a serious underlying issue is present.

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