A Brief Explanation of The Advantages Associated With Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening in St. Louis

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Dentists

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No one wants to deal with stained teeth, but it can be difficult to avoid in today’s society. From a love of dark-colored foods and beverages to a tobacco habit to regularly ingesting certain prescription medications, there are many things that can contribute to a dull, stained, or yellowing smile. Fortunately, there are also myriad dental solutions that can help patients correct this problem. One such solution is teeth whitening. As many patients are aware, there are teeth whitening kits available on the shelves at most local grocery and convenience stores. However, there are three very distinct reasons why patients should always opt for professional whitening instead. Read on to discover what those reasons are.

  • Teeth whitening isn’t appropriate for all patients. In cases of severe gum disease or other oral health problems, patients may need to have those issues taken care of first. There is also a chance that teeth whitening may not work for some patients, such as those with intrinsic yellowing due to medication. If this is the case, professional Teeth Whitening in St. Louis will save these patients from wasting their time and allow a dentist to recommend alternative procedures to help them.
  • The whitening trays contained in store-bought kits are generic, which means they may not be a good fit for everyone. However, a perfect fit is essential to thorough and even whitening results. A professional dentist will be able to create custom whitening trays for the patient based on an impression of their teeth. These trays will fit more comfortably and will help produce more even results for the patient.
  • Most patients who visit the dentist for Teeth Whitening in St. Louis will find that their results are better and come more quickly than any results they would get from a generic whitening kit. The whitening solutions that dentists provide are often stronger than those in the store, which means a smile can be brightened several shades in a matter of days. Those who use store-bought kits often wait weeks or months to see even small changes.

Professional teeth whitening is not only safer, but it produces much better results as well. For those looking for a solution to their smile imperfections, visit Sitename to learn more about what to expect from professional teeth whitening and why it truly is a patient’s best bet for obtaining the beautiful smile they long for when they look in the mirror.

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