3 Reasons to Choose Invisalign in St. Louis Over Braces

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Dental Care, dentistry

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Having crooked teeth is something that causes problems for so many individuals. There are many great options that can help straighten your teeth out, but some are much more beneficial than others are. One great option that beats braces by a long shot is the option of invisalign in St. Louis. Here are a few great reasons why Invisalign will always reign out against braces.

They are Invisible

Because you get a plastic clear mold for your teeth, this option is almost invisible. With braces, you have obvious large metal pieces on your teeth that everyone will notice and that you always have to work around. Professionals design Invisalign for adults who want to straighten their teeth in a subtle but efficient way. This great method helps boost your confidence without lowering it in the process due to unsightly braces.

They are Comfortable

Invisalign in St. Louis is also incredibly comfortable. Braces can take awhile to get used to, can cut your lips and can essentially cause a lot of discomfort. However, Invisalign is crafted to fit with your specific teeth, making it comfortable and easy to wear. This makes them a much better option than braces because you hardly ever have to worry about being in pain because of them.

You Can Eat What You Want

With braces, you always have the setback of not being able to eat what you want, when you want. You have to be extra careful about various colored, sticky or inconvenient foods. With Invisalign, you can eat anything you want. This puts this option heads and tails above braces not just in comfort and appearance, but also in freedom.

Invisalign is easily the best option to choose when it comes to having your teeth straightened. Many individuals have to wait until they are adults to get any work done to their teeth, and the last thing you want is to have to get braces. This great product offers a comfortable, invisible and fun way to ensure that you get the straight smile you have always wanted. If you need more information about the Invisalign procedure, contact Forest Park Dental.

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