Your Guide to Dental Restoration in Olympia, WA

Dental care and hygiene is extremely vital to the quality of life and has the power to improve not only a smile but self-confidence as well. The reasons for seeking restoration can include accidental damage to a tooth, neglect of oral hygiene leading to decay, or gradual erosion of previous dental repair. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, but that does not make it impervious to breakage or decay. Dental restoration provides a fix to those errors, restoring the mouth to its previous state.

Five Categories of Dental Restoration

There are many reasons people seek restoration work, but the top five basic categories are:

1. Fillings repair cavities and general tooth decay
2. Crowns are caps which return a tooth to its original appearance
3. Bridges are false teeth which close the gap created by missing teeth
4. Implants are replacement teeth anchored with metal into the bone socket
5. Dentures are usually partial or full sets of replacement teeth when a bridge is not possible, and the patient cannot receive implants

Although there are nuances and expansions for each category, these five cover the basics of dental restoration.

Additional Information Regarding Restoration

Booking an appointment for dental restoration in Olympia, WA can be as immediate as same day implants or further out for denture fittings and other evaluations. Remember to ask if your insurance is accepted or how much your restoration will cost if you do not have insurance. If you are not sure what to expect or would like more information browse our website and call us if you have questions regarding appointment details or pricing. Dental restoration does not need to be an intimidating concept and being prepared ahead of time will allow you to relax, interact with the dentist, and walk out with a big smile.


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