Why Visit a Dentist Regularly, Protect Your Smile in South Loop

Have you ever received a friendly reminder from a local South Loop dentist, which prompted you to throw it away or pretend you didn’t get it? Have you neglected oral health for so long that when you see advertisements, you shudder? Many South Loop residents fear that their mouth is so bad because they’ve neglected dental care for years. While you may have some issues to deal with promptly, the goal is to get them fixed, reduce your risk of more issues, and keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Remove Plaque/Tartar

Plaque is that sticky substance that seems to be on your teeth all the time. It may not do much harm to the enamel or teeth, but it can quickly harden to tartar. Tartar cannot be removed by routine care, such as brushing and flossing. Your dentist must scrape it away using a special tool. It can feel gritty on the teeth, which is why they rinse it off thoroughly and polish the teeth so that they feel smooth. South Loop residents are probably familiar with routine cleanings and should get them twice a year.

Remove Stains

Most people associate stains and removal with cosmetic dentists, but some stains go away with a routine cleaning. If yours don’t, you may find that your dental professional offers cosmetic procedures, such as tooth whitening, to help you remove those unsightly stains and have pearly whites once more.

Other Reasons

Dental checkups aren’t just for cleanings. They take X-rays to show them if you have any weaknesses in the teeth or bone, which helps them determine if you need extra care. They can also screen for oral cancer, as well.

Your dentist isn’t there to judge. Let the professionals at South & West Loop Dental in South Loop Chicago help you. Visit them at https://www.swloopdental.com for more information.


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