Why Dentists May Recommend a Fluoride Treatment in Indianapolis, IN

Most dental insurance plans refuse to pay for a fluoride treatment in Indianapolis IN for anyone over the age of 14. Yet, a dentist may recommend this procedure for an adult. When this happens., the patient may wonder if the treatment is truly needed. In reality, individuals of any age benefit from having a fluoride treatment. Why is this the case?

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a substance that is similar in many ways to calcium. The main difference between the two is fluoride has one extra electron and, as a result, is better able to bond to the structure of the tooth. Both substances are hard and help to strengthen teeth, yet the extra electron provides fluoride with an advantage when it comes to completing this important task.

How Can Fluoride Be Beneficial to an Adult?

Adults likely have dental issues that are untreated. For example, one or more teeth may have exposed dentin, referred to as abfraction. One or more crowns in the mouth may have leaky margins and tooth erosion is an issue for many. Having a fluoride treatment strengthens thee areas, reduces their sensitivity to hot and cold, and increases their resistance to decay. In addition, many adults suffer from gum disease and this can lead to the roots decaying. Fluoride treatments not only help to slow this decay, they can prevent it.

Why Is This of Importance?

The root of the tooth isn’t as hard as the enamel. Therefore, it is more prone to decay, a condition which can become debilitating over time. This is due to the decreased distance between the root of the tooth and the nerve. Because of this shorter distance, adults are more likely to need a root canal too.

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