What Can I Expect From My New Dental Implants?

Now that you have your new dental implants Lincoln Square, what happens next? Will you need to take special care of them? How long will they last? Here are some of the things you can expect to take place as you get used to those new implants.

Your Approach to Dental Hygiene is Simple

One of the great things about any type of dental implant is that your daily routine for dental care is much like you’ve known in the past. You still need to brush after every meal. Choose a toothpaste and a type of toothbrush that will clean the caps properly. If you are in doubt about what type of products to use, the dental team can provide some suggestions.

Use mouthwash whenever you like. If you do want to continue using floss, make sure that it does not rub against the gum at the base of each cap. Doing so will minimize the potential for scratching the gum and possibly triggering some sort of infection.

You Can Expect the Implants to Last for a Long Time

A general rule of thumb is to expect the dental implants Lincoln Square to last for up to 25 years. In practical terms, there are patients who find they last longer. A lot depends on how well you do with your oral hygiene and if you continue to come in for annual checkups and cleanings.

The Implants Will Perform Much Like Real Teeth

Those new dental implants Lincoln Square are similar in durability to natural teeth. You can bite into fresh fruit, crunch on your favorite snacks, and in general do anything that would be considered safe to do with real teeth. You still want to avoid habits like chewing on ice or anything else that could crack a crown. Outside of those basic safeguards, treat the implants just like the real thing.

Are you looking for the best way to restore your smile? The staff at Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square can help you explore all the options. Visit website today and schedule an appointment. After a quick exam, it will be easy to determine what type of implant would work best and why implants are the right choice.


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