What Can I Expect From Dental Implants?

You’re at a point where something has to be done about your teeth. With the last of them about to be extracted, what will you settle on as a replacement? One option that’s worth considering is dental implants in Plano. Here are some examples of what to expect if you decide to go with this solution.

A Natural Look

The crowns used with dental implants are custom designed to be the ideal scale and shape for your mouth. Once in place, they will look like a perfect set of natural teeth. In fact, they may look better than your real teeth did. From the shade of white to the even spacing, you will love what the implants do for your smile.

Much Easier Care and Upkeep

When you choose dental implants in Plano over other options, you are going with a solution that’s easier to maintain. You will still brush after meals. Mouthwash can be used whenever you like. There’s still the need for an annual checkup and you want to have the crowns cleaned once a year. In other words, your oral hygiene routine will be a lot like taking care of real teeth.

A Long Lasting Solution

There are people who keep the same dental implants for decades. At best, they may need to have a damaged crown replaced somewhere along the way. Even that is a long shot, since the crowns are capable of holding up almost as well as real teeth. That’s a big difference from having to invest in a new pair of dentures every seven to ten years.

Would you like to know more about dental implants and what to expect? The staff at Lone Star Dental Care can help. Call today to schedule an appointment. Once you understand what implants can do for you, choosing them over other options will be easy.


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