What are White Fillings and How Can They Help?

by | May 14, 2015 | Dental Services

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A filling is the result of placing a material used to restore or redefine the shape and contours of the teeth partially damaged by trauma, decay, defects and problems that affect dental aesthetics. Dental decay is the disease with the highest prevalence in the world. In its early stages, treatment is used to remove all of the affected decay and replace the lost structure with a restorative material, namely White Fillings. Many different materials are used for this purpose:

• Silver amalgam (metal fillings)

• Composite (resin)

• Compomers (resin + glass ionomer)

White Fillings are composed of resin, a synthetic material which hardens after application of halogen light. Technological advances in the world of dentistry has progressed so that it is possible to reconstruct the anterior and stopping molars without anyone noticing the difference. Due to new materials and techniques which are available today, they can be made reliably (aesthetically and functionally). Obviously the front teeth have higher aesthetic requirements. Thanks to the latest generation of composites, it is possible to reconstruct, mask or disguise much of the dental defects caused by decay, discoloration, fractures, shorter teeth, etc.

The procedure involves etching the enamel and then applying an adhesive. This powerful adhesive sustains the restorative material. After placing each layer, the filling will harden thanks to a powerful halogen light. The different colors and shades of the material can be combined to give the tooth the desired look. Finally, the dentist polishes the tooth to smooth the surface and give it shine.

Its indications are spacious. They can be used on any tooth, ones with small cavities to those that need rebuilding completely. This type of treatment is strictly contraindicated only in front teeth reconstructions and those patients with heavily worn teeth due to grinding. Sometimes, in the first few days, the patient may notice excessive sensitivity to very cold or very hot foods and drinks. In this case, desensitizing varnishes are applied to eliminate this feeling. If this feeling continues after a few days, the filling must be removed, and the process starts overThe average length of these fillings is variable depending on the patient’s habits and oral hygiene. For more information, contact Business Name today.

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