Three Reasons Why Dental Implants in Washington, DC Are a Top Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth is about more than just a cosmetic issue: while it may be true that losing a tooth can cause a person to be self-conscious about the way they look, it can cause serious oral health problems for the patient as well. Fortunately, once a patient loses a tooth, they are not stuck in that negative situation forever since there are tooth replacement solutions that can help them find their way back to a beautiful and functional smile. Although there are a number of options that a patient may have to choose from, there’s no denying that getting dental implants is one of the best choices they can make. Consider the following reasons why this is often the case for dental patients with missing teeth:

The simple truth about dental implants in Washington, DC is that they are the one tooth replacement solution that can actually help a patient preserve their oral health. This is because the implant actually becomes fused to the bone and, consequently, it can stop the jawbone from deteriorating due to a lack of daily stimulation. Unfortunately, other replacement solutions like bridges and dentures cannot offer this to patients.

When a patient opts for dental implants, they can rest assured that the dentist will not have to make alterations to their other teeth in order to place the implant. Getting a dental bridge requires that patients consent to having the adjacent teeth shaved down in order to affix the bridge and ensure a secure fit, and dentures often require the removal of multiple teeth. Implants, on the other hand, can be placed without having to do anything to a patient’s existing healthy teeth.

Those who make the investment in dental implants in Washington, DC will also be happy to know that they are quite a durable solution. When a patient has committed themselves to an excellent oral hygiene routine, their implants will likely last them a lifetime. While some see dental implants as expensive, the fact that they are so long-lasting makes them worth every penny.

Nobody wants to deal with missing teeth, but it happens, and if it does, it’s a good idea to see a dentist right away to begin discussing plans for tooth replacement. For those considering dental implants, click here to get additional info about how they can help achieve a better smile and the oral health improvement they’re after.


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