The Family Dentist in Kona Can Protect the Health of Your Tooth

Cavities, injuries, and infections can all wreak havoc on the health of a person’s teeth. When cavities and infections become severe, a tooth can be in danger of being lost. Once tooth death occurs, there is nothing the Family Dentist in Kona can do but to extract it. Fortunately, there are treatments the dentist can use to help prevent tooth death. Through a root canal procedure, the dentist may be able to save your tooth.

The Family Dentist in Kona will first need to fully numb the area being worked on. This ensures the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Once the tooth area is fully numb, the tooth can be opened in the crown area. This allows the dentist to work to remove the inner tissues that are diseased.

Precise tools are needed in the process of performing a root canal so damage is not done to the inner portions of the tooth. Canal files help to scrape the inner portions of the roots so they are completely clean of damaged tissue and infection.
The Family Dentist in Kona will make sure the tooth is completely cleaned before proceeding in the root canal process. The next phase involves filling the tooth so it becomes more stable. With the new filling material added, the tooth can often become more strong than it was before damages occurred.

After the filling material has been hardened and cured, the dentist will cover the tooth with a special sealant. The sealant protects the tooth while chewing action is taking place so it does not become damaged.

Though many people fear root canal procedures, they are nothing to be concerned about. These procedures cause no more pain than having a tooth pulled and can help to keep a person from losing their tooth because of tooth death.

Those who are in need of a root canal procedure can find treatment by contacting the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. Through their comprehensive dental services, patients can keep healthy and beautiful smiles for life. Call the office today and schedule your consultation appointment to learn more. Visit for more details.

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