The Dentist in Eagan MN Can Permanently Replace Your Missing Teeth

A person can lose their teeth because of oral health concerns or injuries. When somebody is missing teeth, they often lack confidence in their appearance. When a person is missing large numbers of teeth, they may find it very difficult to eat most foods, leaving them to consume a diet that is mostly bland and unenjoyable. Thankfully, the Dentist in Eagan MN has a solution. With dental implants, a person’s smile can be made fully complete, so they never have to feel self-conscious about their appearance again.

Dental implants are put in place during three different appointments that are spaced weeks apart. Though it takes a few months for the full restoration to be complete, most people find the invested time well worth it when they see how beautiful and natural-looking implants make their smile.

The first part of the process is considered the most important because it involves the placement of the titanium implant. This part of the implant assembly is crucial because it will bear the full pressure of the implant tooth while chewing is taking place. It needs to be able to withstand a great amount of pressure, so the implant does not break and the person is able to chew their food normally.

The Dentist in Eagan MN will make sure the implant is protected by a gum flap and will send a patient home to recover. During recovery, the titanium in the implant attracts bone growth, so the jawbone grows new bone cells around the implant and the two become one. This process allows the implant to function like a normal tooth root would.

Once bonding has occurred, abutments can be attached to the top of the implant. Abutments will hold the prosthetic tooth in place. For a natural look, the gum tissue will need to grow up around the base of the abutment so the prosthetic tooth will be encased in the gum cuff. Once this takes place, the prosthetic can be put in place, so the person’s smile is restored.

If you are interested in getting dental implants, you need to seek a consultation with the Dentist in Eagan MN.


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