The dental implant procedure

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Dental Services

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It was not too many years ago when replacing a missing tooth could only be done with a bridge or a denture, either full or partial. Although these methods are still common today, dental implants in Ponte Vedra are becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. When the procedure is complete the patient has a perfectly good tooth that is identical to the missing tooth, will never decay, works perfectly and dental implants usually last a lifetime. The process requires that an implant is surgically fixed into the jawbone, the implant acts like a root for the new crown.

Over a period of time, perhaps six months, the implant permanently fuses to the jawbone, it is secure, it does not harm the jawbone and they make no noise which is the cases with a denture. The implant is made from titanium and is conical shaped, it is placed in the jawbone and an abutment sits on it. To top the implant off a crown or an artificial tooth is fastened to the abutment. Once the procedure is complete it is virtually impossible to tell that it is not a natural tooth.

The ideal candidate for dental implants services in Ponte Vedra City are people in good general health, have healthy oral tissue and have sufficient bone to support the implant. Although the implant must be inserted into enough bone to hold it for those who have insufficient bone can undergo a bone transplant. This procedure of course adds to the cost and the time to complete.

The implant is placed while the patient is under general anesthesia or sedation. The dental surgeon cuts the gum open, exposing the jaw bone. The surgeon drills into the jawbone, it is in this hole that the implant cylinder sits.

It takes about six months for the implant to become one with the jawbone and during this time the patient will be fitted with a temporary denture. When enough time has elapsed for the implant to take, the gum is once again reopened and the abutment is fastened to the top of the implant, the gum is then closed around the abutment.

After a couple of weeks the gum will have healed and then impressions are taken of the area, from the impression an artificial tooth is made which is fitted to the abutment. With this the procedure is complete.

Following all these surgical procedures it is normal for the patient to experience a bit of bruising, bleeding and swelling, these problems will soon disappear on their own.

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