Some Basic Information About Invisible Braces and Your Smile

Invisible braces are a great choice if you’re looking to straighten your teeth without significant disruption to your life. Technological advances have made invisible braces less invasive and more efficient, making them a popular choice for people of all ages.

Reasons for Invisible Braces

A clean smile is considered an asset, but many people would rather have a crooked smile than wear a mouth full of wires. Invisible braces allow you to fix your smile without telling the world about it. Now that braces are transparent, more adults have started getting braces to repair the smiles they couldn’t fix as children.

If you are looking into invisible braces near Vernon Hills, then you should know that they cannot treat all of the issues that metal braces can. For example, some misalignment cases are better suited for metal braces. Also, younger teens and children with baby teeth should not use invisible braces because they are designed for adult teeth.

Clear Aligner Braces

There are a few different options for invisible braces. One method is the use of clear aligner braces, which are 3D-printed, custom-designed mouthpieces that slowly straighten your teeth. You change them out every two weeks for a new one, and each new mouthpiece corrects your smile a little more than the last. They are a popular choice due to their noninvasive nature, discreet appearance and ease of use.

With clear aligner braces, you will be visiting the orthodontist much less than with metal braces. Because you can remove them yourself, you can keep your teeth and gums clean with ease. In addition, clear aligners don’t restrict you from indulging in your favorite foods.

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