Services Your Dentist Should Offer Other Than Routine Procedures

Many dentists will offer routine procedures, such as examinations, cleaning, and root canals. There are other dentists that can offer more services, including cosmetic procedures. You can find an office that offers cosmetic dentistry in Chicago. Some of these procedures include teeth whitening and veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Some dentists offer to whiten your teeth in their office. While you can always buy an at home kit to whiten your teeth, they don’t offer the same results. Plus, whitening your teeth at home can take longer than visiting your dentist. If your dentist offers teeth whitening procedures, it is usually simple and can be done in just a few visits.

First, your dentist will take a photo and record the shade of your teeth before treatment. Then, they will help you determine the shade of white that you would like to receive. After deciding what shade, you can begin the process. They will usually place a gel or paste onto your teeth that will need to sit there for about an hour. Sometimes they will use a laser to speed up the process or activate the solution. You should remember that you shouldn’t consider the shade until about two weeks after the procedure. You may need to visit your dentist a couple of times until you receive your desired shade.


Veneers can completely change the look of your teeth. Sometimes people would like to get veneers to make their smile whiter, guard their teeth, or change the size and shape of their teeth. If you are considering veneers, you should know that they are permanent and can’t be removed. Some dentists will recommend veneers to keep a damaged tooth guarded and safe from any further issues. Veneers are placed over your original teeth and are custom made to fit into your mouth. There are other cosmetic procedures that some dentists will offer as well.

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