Pediatric Dentist Calms Children’s Fears

There are many benefits to a pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn and you should definitely consider making an appointment with one sometime during the growth of your child’s teeth. Pediatric dentists are required to undergo two additional years of dental schooling so they are well prepared to diagnose and care for your child’s emerging teeth. Research shows that oral decay is five times as prevalent as respiratory diseases like asthma, so getting your child in early and getting their teeth checked is important.

A pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn understands that what your child eats can affect their teeth. Just about everything has sugar in it and sugar causes decay. Fruit, juice, cookies, milk, and cake are all packed with sugar to make them palatable. And starches, which are found in pretzels and potatoes, also cause decay. Proper oral hygiene is a must as soon as babies begin nibbling on finger foods. It can be difficult to get in there and brush a baby’s teeth; it can take a while for them to be comfortable with that, so it is easy to see why decay can happen when bits of food remains between the teeth. When the baby is really young, cleaning their teeth with a warm wet washcloth will do the trick.

A pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn will recommend parents supervise brushing time and making it lots of fun with cute brushes and great tasting toothpaste will go a long way. A toothbrush can also be dangerous, so it is important that parents stay close by. Also, as with everything, an example is key. When children see parents brushing their teeth on a regular basis, then they want to do it too. Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, developing good brushing habits is vital at an early age. From about 6 months till about 2 years, teeth will begin erupting in a baby’s mouth, and they need to be cleaned every day or bacteria will form which leads to tooth decay. It is also important that parents be educated about the possible decay from baby bottles that are full of highly sweetened juices and milk. Some babies are allowed to fall asleep with a bottle of juice in their mouth and this promotes tooth decay. It is far better to give the baby a bottle of water, as this does not promote decay.

Making sure to visit a pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn is important to your child’s oral well being. The time to visit a pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn is when your child can comfortably sit in a seat and have their teeth looked at.

For more information about a pediatric dentist in Oak Lawn and to make an appointment, contact Chicago kiDDS Pediatric Dentistry by visiting their website today. You can also visit their social media platforms for more information.


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