Improve Your Dental Health with Braces

When you look in the mirror and cringe because your teeth are crooked or widely spaced, it is time to do something about it. An orthodontist in Chicago can examine your teeth to offer a solution for misalignments. Today, more adults are choosing to wear braces to straighten their teeth to improve their self-esteem and dental health. Having straight teeth is important so that you can chew food properly and brush your teeth easily. With modern computer software programs, it is faster to have your teeth straightened because the wires are placed on the correct places on your teeth.

We Can Provide Additional Orthodontic Treatment

The average time for wearing braces is two to four years, but you may need additional treatment with devices to expand your palate or to realign your jaw. It is important to remember that fixing your teeth can improve the way your mouth opens and closes to prevent problems from a bad bite. With your X-rays, the orthodontist Chicago relies on, will determine what types of treatments are necessary for your teeth. If you are on a tight budget, then using traditional metal braces is an excellent idea.

Contact Us to Learn More about Treatment with Braces

However, you can also select braces that are difficult for others to see, including ceramic devices or brackets that are placed on the backs of your teeth. In most cases, these types of braces will require the same treatment time, but you may feel happier about wearing the items when others can’t see the brackets or the wires. After having the braces applied to your teeth, you must have the wires tightened every few weeks to apply pressure against your teeth. To learn more about braces, contact Lippitz Orthodontics today.


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