How to Find TMJ Treatment in North Oklahoma City, OK

TMJ, or the temporo-mandibular joint, is a joint that connects the lower jaw and the temporal bone of the skull in front of the ear, on each side of the head. It is one of the most used joints in the entire body, with chewing, talking and swallowing being all actions that move the TMJ. Problems arising can cause pain and discomfort, causing you need TMJ treatment in North Oklahoma City, OK.

TMJ Disorder

When pain is experienced over the joint in front of the ear, it is often TMJ disorder. The disorder can cause the patient to experience a number of different problems including sharp pain triggered by simple actions such as talking or chewing, as well as a dull, constant ache.

Although anyone can be afflicted with TMJ disease, it is typically found in women, with as many as 90% of all patients being female. An MRI is used to diagnose TMJ disorder, with TMJ treatment to follow. TMJ is divided into three categories, any of which a patient could be suffering with. Those categories are:

* Arthritis

* Myofascial Pain

* Internal Derangement of the Joint

There are a number of causes of TMJ disorder. Everything from dental procedures to other health conditions have been known to cause TMJ disease, with symptoms ranging from depression, headache, lack of sleep, popping of the TMJ and locking of the TMJ. It is best to speak with a dentist should you suspect TMJ disorder.

Treating TMJ Disorder

Many TMJ treatment options are available here in North Oklahoma City, OK. It is recommended that non-abrasive treatment options first be used before taking the next step. These treatments are often all that is needed to correct the TMJ problems you are experiencing. Non-abrasive treatment options include changing your diet to soft foods, conducting jaw exercises, applying heat to the area, using over-the-counter pain medications and even physical therapy.

If relief cannot be found through the self-help options, speaking with your dental professional concerning other available treatment options may be necessary. Your dentist in North Oklahoma City, OK can provide TMJ treatment options such as splints, injections, partial or total joint replacement, physical therapy, jaw implants and surgery. Surgery is always the last resort, and only done when the many other treatments have proven to be unsuccessful. Speaking with your dentist is the best way to learn more about each of the options for treating TMJ as well as the methods most suitable to your needs. No two people are affected by TMJ in the same way, therefore no two treatment choices will provide the same results for each patient. Visit Monica Neely Dentistry for more information.


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