How to Choose the Best Dental Implants

Most residents in Milwaukee agree that replacing their missing teeth is essential. While there are many ways to do this, you are likely to consider implantation. While the process has been around for decades, people often aren’t aware that there are many options. Choosing the best dental implants in Milwaukee isn’t difficult if you understand a bit more about them. You can also ask your implant specialist, also referred to as a prosthodontist, questions to help you learn more about each option and make an informed decision.

Many times, dentists and implant specialists examine your gums, jaw, and teeth first and tell you which option is going to work better. However, you are in control of your mouth and can make decisions based on your preferences. Therefore, you have the right to request a particular type over another. Implants are described by how they are shaped and attached to the jaw.

Three Primary Options

Endosseous implants are the most common style. The cylinder or screw is likely made of titanium and covered with ceramic or may be fully ceramic. Sometimes, they are blade-shaped and implanted into the jaw bone. The bone grows around the root within a few weeks or months, and then an abutment and artificial tooth are put into and over the post.

Subperiosteal implants use a metal framework, but it’s attached to the top of the jawbone. Your dentist has to make an opening into the gum to attach the frame appropriately. The gum heals and covers the framework, along with the small posts attached to the frame. The crown and abutment are added to the posts later. This option works well for people with shallow jawbones.

The last option is a transosteal implant and uses metal pins or frames shaped like the letter ‘U’.

The best dental implants are ones that you feel comfortable having in your mouth. Visit EON Clinics in Milwaukee to learn more.


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