How Do Invisalign Work?

Are you interested in using Invisalign as a treatment for teeth alignment issues? Are you looking for a comfortable method that can work quickly and effectively? Invisalign can align your teeth in half the time it takes braces to do the same job without the discomfort and pain that braces can cause. Invisalign is made of a material that is developed specifically for this unique treatment plan.

What is Invisalign Made Of?

Invisalign appears to be invisible as they help to correct your alignment issues. They are made with a thermoplastic material that looks like your actual teeth. They look similar to trays used for teeth-whitening. These aligners can be made specifically for your mouth.

How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

Invisalign treatments can move your teeth with a force that’s controlled and unnoticeable. Invisalign can also control the timing of the force the aligners provide. Certain teeth move during each stage of the treatment plan. These moves can be controlled by your dentist. You dentist can create your treatment plan for you.

Aligners can be adjusted as often as on a weekly basis. Through the treatment course, each aligner you receive can cause slight movements and improvements to each tooth. When your aligners are placed on your teeth, your teeth can gradually begin to move.

What Are the Benefits of These Aligners?

Many benefits can be experienced and seen when you use Invisalign treatment aligners. The invisible appearance can be beneficial to both adults and teenagers as you can take them out at your convenience. If you are eating, performing your favorite activities, or taking photos for an event, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your smile or the ability to do all of your favorite activities. People may not even notice that you are wearing these aligners. You may not even experience irritation that metal braces can cause. You also don’t have to visit the dentist to have adjustments with the wire on your braces, so you may not have to longer periods of time at the dentist. These aligners can give you the opportunity to view virtual results before you even begin the treatment so you can get an idea of how Invisalign can improve your mouth in a short period of time.

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