Getting over your Fear of the Dentist

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Dentist

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There are probably not many people on this planet who can say they are not afraid of the dentist and those who are not are those without their own teeth. Most people experience serious trepidation when a dentist’s visit on the calendar and some experience more like an irrational fear. Dentists in Hartford County, MD are becoming very conscious that their clients are avoiding them for obvious reasons, even those who look after their teeth. As a result, the dentists are now looking at methods such as sleep dentistry to keep their patients calm during their examinations and treatment.

Not many dentists enjoy their idea of hurting their clients and unless they are secret sadistic maniacs it is doubtful that they set out to do harm. However, they are also aware just how frightening the dentist’s chair can be, even for the shortest time.

Putting Patients at Ease

Some dentists play relaxing music in the waiting area and have something soothing playing on the TV screen just to put their patients at ease. However, they may feel that relaxing sensation until they sit down and then it becomes the foreboding ‘electric chair’, that will make them hurt and scream. This is when the dentist really needs to use some strong techniques to calm the patient. Sedation dentistry is offered in many dental surgeries these days as a way of keeping the patient calm and controlled. Sedation dentistry works by using nasal tubes and sending a small amount and a controlled amount of nitrous oxide and oxygen into the patient’s system. This ‘laughing gas’ gives them a slight sense of fun and light headedness but does no long term harm and has no effects once removed. Many patients swear it is the only way they will visit the dentist.

How to Trust your Dentist

It is not easy to gain trust, especially with a professional who offers healthcare services. Of course, trust should be a naturally assumed thing because of the professional’s training but because of the bad memories many people have about previous dentist visits they may be a little bit harder to persuade. Showing that the dentist cares is one major step forward as is trying methods to help you relax.

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