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by | Aug 2, 2013 | Dentist

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A good set of teeth is an important aspect of healthy living. However, today’s generation is not quite keen on maintaining them. Experts say that the teeth must be brushed at least twice a day, preferably after every meal. It is what General Dentistry NYC says as well.

The teeth decay, in the worst case, rots, especially if not properly taken care of. This becomes particularly true when you love eating. The acid in the mouth accumulates, and if it is not brushed every once in a while it can cause different oral complications aside from the common tooth decay.

One of the most daunting tasks that General Dentistry NYC has to overcome is the maintenance of teeth. This is crucial especially during a time when individuals are not so adamant in keeping a healthy mouth.

General Dentistry NYC offers the citizens cosmetic dentistry. This is the procedure done in order to correct deformities in one’s teeth to create a perfect set. One, which is commonly used by General Dentistry NYC, is on lays and inlays. The procedure needs two appointments in order to be completed. It is a procedure where the damaged portion of the tooth is removed in one appointment and a material is going to be used to cover the area. This will create a more natural look for the damaged teeth. In the past, gold has been the preferred material for this procedure; however, porcelain has become a popular choice among clients. Its color has made it a good choice. Another choice as a filler is composite resin.

Deformities in the teeth such as those chipped areas are not a problem for General Dentistry NYC, especially with the help of veneers. It requires three appointments. The ultimate goal is to place a sheet of porcelain over the affected teeth to cover the deformities. However, taking a few millimeters off the teeth may be required for a perfect fit.

An alternative to veneers that is being used by General Dentistry NYC is tooth bonding. This procedure uses plastic resin placed on top of the tooth. It only requires one appointment, so it is a fairly quick procedure. The only drawback to this procedure is the possibility chipping the plastic resin. It is more prone to chips because it is not as strong as the natural enamel.

There are also other options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Just talk with your General Dentistry NYC for further information.

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