General Dentistry in Keizer, OR, Offers Many Solutions for Keeping Teeth Healthy

by | Feb 14, 2015 | dentistry

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Are you concerned about the oral health of yourself or your family? If so, you should make sure that you go and visit a dentist on a regular basis. By taking your family for routine dental care, you can ensure that your teeth and those of your loved ones are properly cared for and healthy. General Dentistry in Keizer OR offers an abundance of different treatments and procedures to help make sure that teeth are at their best.

Excellent dental hygiene begins at home, but it is not enough to make sure that teeth stay healthy. Brushing, flossing and gargling at home are good ways to keep your teeth from developing plaque and tartar between regular dental visits. However, nothing will get teeth as clean as a professional cleaning from a dentist. You should see a dentist at least twice a year to ensure that your teeth don’t develop any problems from decay or disease. In addition, General Dentistry in Keizer OR will help protect children’s young teeth as they grow. Children require additional fluoride treatments and possibly sealants from a dentist to keep their teeth protected against cavities and decay.

During your dental exam, your dentist will examine your teeth for any problems or concerns. General Dentistry in Keizer OR offers a lot of solutions for issues with teeth. If you or your children have misaligned or crooked teeth, your dentist may recommend the use of braces to fix them. Any cavities that are found can be removed and replaced with a simple filling. More serious problems like oral disease or tooth damage can be addressed and resolved using the techniques of general dentistry. Solutions like crowns, bridges, veneers and implants can all be used to help correct any problems with your teeth.

If you are worried that your teeth or those of your family are not in the best shape possible, you should go see a dentist for an examination. General Dentistry in Keizer OR offers treatments that help keep teeth healthy and correct any dental issues that may be present. By taking your family for dental cleanings and checkups every six months, you can make sure that their teeth are properly cared for and healthy.

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