Facts about Your Local Periodontist in San Jose

Periodontal disease is multi-factorial and leads to bone and tooth loss, affecting the aesthetic and chewing functions of a person. The treatment of periodontitis can be repaired with a little motivation and education at home, combined with sessions of curettage and root planing at your local periodontist in San Jose. Your dentist will explain to you how important prevention is. However, if you are already symptomatic, it is very important that you seek dental help right away.

Periodontal disease is a complex etiology disease whose manifestations are the actions of several periodontal pathogens that interact within the factors of susceptibility to periodontitis and many environmental factors. This oral disease leads to several severe consequences concerning the teeth and mouth of the patient if it is left untreated. This is one reason why dental professionals express serious concern for twice yearly visits. Some of the issues that periodontal disease can cause include:

* Progressive destruction of the supporting tissues of the teeth;

* Reduced masticatory function;

* Aesthetic involvement; and

* Tooth loss.

These issues can create psychological problems in the patient, who must face the planning and treatment of dental periodontitis. Many times when the patient goes to a dental clinic and the disease is in advanced stages, the patient usually has remarkable tooth mobility, particularly marked in frontal areas. There is also a progressive expansion in the range of upper front teeth with a diastema opening (removal of teeth). It is very important to the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease to prevent irreversible complications of your teeth. Only after making an accurate diagnosis, usually by periodontal diagnostic cauterization, the periodontist may perform etymological treatments that are appropriate to each particular case. Mechanical treatment by curettage is a particular goal set to eliminate the disease, coupled with the removal of retention factors of bacterial plaque, risk control and semiannual periodontal maintenance visits. Some risks of periodontal disease include:

* Bacteremia;

* Acute and subacute endocarditis;

* Cardiovascular pathologies;

* Artificial prosthesis infections;

* Respiratory diseases;

* Brain abscesses;

* Imbalances in diabetes; and

* Birth of preterm infants.

There are many other issues concerning periodontal disease, but it is important that you speak with your local periodontist in San Jose to learn more about the problem. Scheduling bi-annual visits with your general dentist is a perfect way to begin preventative measures to a beautiful, healthy smile.


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