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Dentists in Clearwater want you to understand that not all dental problems are specifically related to the teeth. The jaw is also susceptible to various conditions and problems that can result in a variety of consequences and symptoms. This means that any time you are dealing with a problem related to your mouth, it is time that you contact your dentist. One such problem the dentists in Clearwater see is referred to as TMJ. TMJ is a disorder of the joints of the jaw and can cause several different types of symptoms, some of which seem wholly unrelated to the mouth. This is why it is important that if you are experiencing strange symptoms, you should pay very close attention to when they began and if they are existing in conjunction with other symptoms that may indicate the problem.

Dentists in Clearwater will tell you that some of the symptoms of TMJ, which can occur due to stress, injury, or overuse of the jaw, include:

* Pain located in the small joints of the jaw

* Pain located in the ears or in front of the ears

* Chronic ringing in the ears or sudden hearing loss

* Clicking sounds or popping when you move your jaw, particularly when you you on or chew

* The feeling that your jaw has becomes stuck or that you can’t move it when you open it wide

* Facial swelling that cannot be attributed to any other factor

* Pain down the sides of the neck and in the shoulders

* Chronic headaches, particularly after you talk or chew a lot

* Numbness or tingling in your arms and fingers

Symptoms of TMJ can develop gradually over time. This can make it difficult for you to determine when exactly the symptoms occurred first, which makes it hard for you to exactly pinpoint what has caused your TMJ. Discuss with your dentist the various factors that you feel may have contributed to the development of this disorder so that she can give you recommendations as to how to prevent the condition from getting worse or developing again once you have healed. Dentists in Clearwater can use a variety of treatments to help address a misaligned jaw or other problems that can lead to TMJ. This can provide ongoing relief as well as help the joints to actually heal so that they are more resistant to developing the disorder again in the future.

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