Contacting a Dentist in South Loop for Dental Veneers

If you have been very conscious about your smile, dental veneers would be the ideal treatment for a new and confident smile. There are quite a number of good dentists that can help you place dental veneers in South Loop. Getting dental veneers placed on your teeth is not difficult and requires only two visits to the doctor. With dental veneers, you will be able to get rid of problems such as teeth that are not straight, teeth that have cracks, or have an uneven bite.

Why Dental Veneers Are Necessary

Dental veneers are specifically designed for each individual are is necessary and are produced using shells or covers that are positioned over the teeth in order to conceal all the problems that your teeth have such as teeth that are chipped, crooked, uneven or discolored. Cosmetic dental veneers are affixed to the damaged teeth cover them instead of making repairs on them. Three types of materials namely porcelain, ceramic, and composite bonding can be used during the procedure.

When your mouth has teeth that have been damaged, it becomes difficult to smile and your confidence and social life can be ruined. Everybody would like to have a great smile because it helps socially and even from a business standpoint. When you don’t have a good smile, you ought to find a dentist and get the procedure of dental veneers in South Loop done. With dental veneers, you will be able to get white and straight teeth that will bring back your self-esteem as well as your social and business life.

The other option would be to use fillers which are given the same shade as your teeth by applying them for the restoration of little cracks or gaps that appear on your teeth’s frontal area. The disadvantage however in using fillers is that they are unable to completely deal with the issue of teeth that have been damaged at the corners since there must be joints that are made between the fillings and the teeth and that might pose a real problem.

Getting Dental Veneers Placed on Your Teeth

For dental veneers to be placed on your teeth, the dentist must extract a little amount of your tooth’s covering which will allow the veneer to be put into position. A mold that is taken from your teeth is then sent to a laboratory and the dental veneer is designed so that it is perfectly accommodated by your mouth and your teeth. After the imprint has been designed at a laboratory, they will then be fitted. During this time there will be a truncation and the teeth will also be polished.

Because there are many different materials of dental veneers, it would be advisable to consult with your dentist in South Loop for dental veneers so that he or she can help you to determine which material best suits your teeth. The cosmetic dentist will decide which material is good depending on the present condition of the patient’s teeth. While porcelain veneers can last ten years with proper care and maintenance, composite veneers will usually last for about three years.

If you would like to receive exceptional cosmetic treatment and are looking for a dentist in South Loop, then dentists at South & West Loop Dental are available to provide you exactly what it takes to achieve and maintain the healthiest mouth possible.


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