Benefits of Invisalign in Amarillo, Texas

Crooked and misaligned teeth can create major problems. Those teeth negatively impact self-esteem, make it more difficult to chew, and even leave patients prone to tooth decay and periodontal disease due to difficulty cleaning between crooked teeth.

Many patients are hesitant to be fitted for braces, which is understandable. Traditional metal braces are unattractive, uncomfortable, and can even be painful. Invisalign in Amarillo Texas provides a better solution.

Improved Appearance

The Invisalign system improves its wearers’ appearance by avoiding unsightly metal braces. The braces are clear, so most patients find that people don’t even notice that they’re wearing the devices. Teenaged and adult patients particularly enjoy this benefit of Invisalign.

Improved Comfort

Metal braces are uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Plus, when something goes wrong, patients have to live with the pain until they can make it to their orthodontists. Patients who wear Invisalign clear braces typically find them painless, and if they need to remove them to eat or drink, they can easily do so themselves.

Shorter Duration of Treatment

Choosing Invisalign in Amarillo, Texas over conventional braces also means choosing a shorter treatment plan. Most patients find that they only need to wear their Invisalign clear braces for between one and one and a half years. Those who have metal braces can expect their treatment to last for multiple years.

Improved Safety

With the Invisalign system, there’s no chance of scratches or punctured gums. The system has no sharp edges or protrusions and doesn’t even have to be connected directly to the surface of a patient’s teeth. This decreases patients’ risks of infection to close to zero.

Improved Dental Hygiene

Since the Invisalign system can be removed for cleaning, patients don’t have to worry about demineralization and decay. They can continue their dental hygiene routines as usual, while patients who have metal braces must worry about cavities, gum disease, and other damage.

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