Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Emergencies of any type are usually unexpected in nature. Some emergency situations can be planned for in advance to some extent. For example, a dental emergency warrants quick actions to save the tooth or repair the problem. It is important to know where to go in the event of a dental emergency of some kind. A seasoned emergency dentist in Mundelein offers some expert dental advice on how to react in specific dental emergency situations. A common emergency is having one or more teeth knocked out in some type of facial trauma to the mouth. There are some actions that need to be performed immediately to save the tooth.

It is important to place the knocked out tooth into a glass of cold milk. This helps to keep the nerve endings on the tooth active for replacing it inside the mouth. If able, try to return the tooth to its regular spot. Call your dentist or find one that offers emergency dental services right away. The dentist is often able to replace a knocked out tooth and stabilize it until the root of the tooth takes to the gum and jaw again. Sometimes, an emergency dentist in the Mundelein region might have to resort to other options like using a crown over a broken tooth or placing a dental implant in the empty space.

It is always best to have a family dentist that also offers emergency tooth replacement and other dental emergency services. Some dental practices have more than one dentist who can cover shifts for emergency care. Many area residents are pleased with the fine dental services from a local emergency dentist from Mundelein. Other dental emergencies can include a tooth abscess, a broken tooth and, severe pain. Contact North Suburban Dental to schedule an appointment. Visit


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