An Orthodontist in Manassas Can Give You a Beautiful Smile

How a person sees himself can greatly affect how he acts around other people. When a person is uncomfortable with the way he smiles, it’s time to make a change. An Orthodontist in Manassas can turn a less than perfect smile into one that lights up the room with beautiful straight white teeth. By using braces, Invisalign treatments and even tooth whitening procedures, the orthodontist can create the beautiful smile that’s been lacking.

Before a decision can be made regarding braces, an orthodontist must do a thorough examination to determine if the patient is a good candidate for them. At Gainesville Orthodontics, treatments can vary depending on individual patient needs. Not all treatments must be done right away, and in some cases it’s better to wait until more growth has taken place in the mouth. If braces are the best option, a treatment plan will be discussed, along with setting up a payment plan if the patient’s insurance company does not cover the entire cost.

Braces can greatly improve the alignment of the teeth, but it does take time for them to correct what’s wrong. Metal braces are the most common type used and are far more comfortable than in the past. Ceramic braces are clearer, but since they are more delicate, they are usually reserved for teens and older patients who are more self-conscious about being seen with braces on. Ceramic braces tend to be larger and more brittle than the metal ones, so they are mainly used on the upper teeth. For patients wanting virtually unseen braces, Invisalign works wonders. Invisalign does not require wires and brackets to get the job done. Instead, a series of customized clear appliances are used which quickly move the teeth into a more desirable position. One of the advantages of Invisalign treatment is that the appliance can be taken out to eat. They also allow for easier brushing and flossing of the patient’s teeth. Every few weeks a new appliance is put on the teeth which forces them to move a bit more. The entire process may use anywhere from 18-30 appliances, depending on individual needs. It takes an average of 9-15 months to complete Invisalign treatment.

Seeing an Orthodontist in Manassas is the first step in obtaining a beautiful smile. Some patients may need more intensive Dentofacial Orthopedics done too, but the end result will make the process well worth the time.







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