An Orthodontist in Lusby, MD Helps Youngsters Achieve Superb Cosmetic and Functional Results

Parents of children seek treatment from an Orthodontist in Lusby MD when those youngsters have issues with proper teeth alignment. Adults increasingly want the alignment of their teeth improved as well, although they usually choose clear removable aligners instead of fixed braces. Orthodontic treatment has both functional and cosmetic advantages. In an era when people have become more interested in having a dazzling smile, perfectly aligned teeth are part of that goal.

Easier Oral Hygiene

One primary functional advantage related to treatment by an Orthodontist in Lusby MD is easier oral hygiene. This is the case for people with teeth that are crowded together, which makes it difficult to keep teeth as clean as they should be. Flossing between crowded teeth can lead to tearing and fraying of the thread. The effort may start to seem like too much work, especially when children are expected to do this.

Encouraging the Kids to Stay Positive

Some kids aren’t thrilled about having to wear braces. They aren’t old enough to feel the strong desire for straighter teeth unless there is something seriously amiss with their teeth alignment or bite. A youngster who is teased about having an underbite, for instance, may be very happy to wear orthodontic gear that will gradually correct this problem. Others must be encouraged to stay positive about the situation and look forward to a more beautiful smile.

Excitement on the Final Day

Everyone is excited the day their braces come off for good. The parents take pictures as they admire the straight teeth, and the child is relieved that wearing braces is no longer necessary. Even the orthodontist is very pleased because of the superb results.

Parents who do this for their children will reap the appreciation years later when the kids become teenagers and young adults. That’s the point when they start to realize how attractive they look with their teeth aligned as they should be. This will give them extra motivation to continue wearing the retainer that an orthodontist such as Louis B. Sachs provides once the alignment process is complete. Information on this particular dental practitioner can be viewed at


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