Aesthetic vs. Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the restoration of teeth as they were originally, whereas a cosmetic dentist on Long Island improves on what nature bestowed the individual. The cosmetic dentist changes the color, shape and arrangement of teeth. There are a number of procedures that are common to cosmetic dentistry, let’s have a look a few:

Replacing amalgam fillings:

When a person has their amalgam fillings removed and replaced with white fillings, the looks are enhanced considerably. A cosmetic dentist on Long Island will also argue that amalgam fillings tend to engorge as time goes by, possibly cracking the tooth; they also say that when the mouth only has white fillings, it becomes easier to detect tooth decay should it happen.

There are other dentists who will argue that every time a filling is removed, a little more of the base tooth goes with it and the tooth is unnecessarily subjected to trauma. When an amalgam filling is removed, the tooth nerve may be damaged, perhaps requiring a complex root canal.

Perhaps having all amalgam fillings replaced is not what a cosmetic dentist on Long Island will suggest. For fillings which are genuinely visible during speech; yes, there is a good argument for those to be replaced.

Teeth whitening:

Teeth whitening is all the rage, and from all indications, there are no oral health risks associated with the procedure. If there are any side effects at all, it will be nothing more than temporary sensitivity. The cosmetic dentist on Long Island will be aware of the sensitivity of your teeth, and he can reduce the concentration of the bleaching agent which will make pain less likely. If the concentration is reduced, there will be a need for more treatments.

Teeth whitening will have no effect on dental work, which has already been done. Bonding, white fillings, crowns and bridges will not whiten, only original teeth that have not be worked on. The bleaching is not a permanent process; it will have to be re-done periodically. If you have your teeth bleached, and then have the previously treated teeth reworked to match, bleaching will become a lifelong process.

Veneers and cosmetic crowns:

Very thin layers of porcelain can be permanently attached to the front teeth with adhesive. This is often done when the teeth are severely darkened, or they are misshapen. The tooth will first have to be shaped properly before the veneer is glued on. Although they are “permanent,” they will have to be removed and replaced every ten or twenty years and because of the original shaping work done, the process is irreversible.

When you first discuss any type of cosmetic dentistry, ask the cosmetic dentist on Long Island to show you pictures of his previous work, you want to work with a dentist whose work is to your liking.

If you are thinking of visiting a cosmetic dentist on Long Island, Dr. Jay Lubliner at Ultimate Dentistry can apply porcelain veneers; do tooth whitening and ceramic restorations



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