A Root Canal in Saskatoon, SK can Save an Infected Tooth

Many patients wrongly believe that tooth extraction is the only answer for a toothache. A Root Canal in Saskatoon, SK can often save the tooth. There are several benefits for a patient to keep their tooth. This ensures that the patient will be able to continue to speak and eat normally. The jawbone remains strong and the surrounding teeth remain in place. The person will not be self-conscious about their appearance, if it is a front tooth that needs to be treated. It is also less expensive and time consuming than a dental implant.

Patients may also incorrectly believe that that a Root Canal in Saskatoon, SK is a paintful procedure. Powerful anesthetics prevent a root canal from being a painful treatment. The patient may feel some gentle pressure and hear the noise of the drill, but that is the extent of the discomfort. People often remember the pain they experienced prior to the root canal and associate it with the procedure. While the jaw and gum area might be tender after a root canal, this occurs with many dental treatments. Normally over the counter medications can help reduce any pain.

During a Root Canal in Saskatoon, SK the dentist at Acadia Dental a hole in the top of the tooth. It allows him to use special instruments to clean out the interior pulp area and the tooth root that reaches far into the jawbone. He cleans out all of the infected areas and packs it with a medicated temporary filling. If the infection is widespread, he might even prescribe antibiotics. An infection that begins in a tooth can spread to the rest of a patient’s body and make them quite sick. It’s therefore very important that the infection be treated as soon as possible.

After about 10 days, the patient returns and the dentist removes the medicated filling. He checks to make sure that their is no sign of infection and then places a permanent filling in the tooth. Removing the infected areas often leaves the upper tooth area weak and vulnerable to further infection. The dentist will often place a porcelain crown over it. With proper brushing and flossing, a patient can expect the Root Canal in Saskatoon, SK area and crown to last for many decades.


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