A Dentist in Annapolis Shares their Perspective on Getting Used of Invisalign

So, you’ve decided that perhaps you’d like to get that odd spacing in between your teeth taken care of or maybe you have been dealing with a dental issue that has prevented you from smiling as brightly as you would like to have. Invisalign is sweeping the scene with its ability to replace traditional metal braces with a clear option. Yes, clear trays that gradually over time get replaced with the next phase of movement your teeth need to achieve.

Let’s face it; people are always looking at the other people’s mouths and teeth as they talk. This is the primary reason that those with dental issues feel the need to take action. Invisalign is a great option for the simple reason that it is so discreet compared to traditional braces.

Many people in Annapolis that have Invisalign say that they do not notice as much discomfort as they anticipated. They note that their teeth are a bit sensitive, but they do not experience pain as they initially anticipated. It certainly beats metal braces for aesthetic reasons and comfort. Some people choose to kiss and eat while wearing their invisalign. Traditional braces did not allow for ease with eating or smooching for that matter. Keep in mind that each person has different issues that can increase or decrease the amount of discomfort they experience. For example, if your mouth is smaller than most, it will feel a bit odd at first.

Of course when you first have your first tray inserted in your mouth you may think to yourself–this feels like something thick and sticky is holding this tray to my teeth. This is normal. As the week goes on you will become more forgetful of the initial sticky feeling. Keeping your mind focused on your life vs. the quirky sensations in your mouth makes a huge difference. Those that participated in activities and kept their minds off the sensations in their mouths adapted quicker than those that dwelled on the un-natural feeling that a foreign object is resting on their teeth.

Each person’s experience will vary, but there seems to be a commonality among those that fight the process required to achieve their results. A good dentist in Annapolis will always suggest you to thoroughly research the Invisalign process in depth before making the commitment to have them. Usually, people that focus too much on the inconvenience that they will or are experiencing will have a difficult time.

Initially those with adjustment issues may want to consider taking a pain reliever to offset any discomfort that they are feeling in their mouth. With each new tray that is introduced, it is a good idea to also utilize pain reliever. Visit the site for more information.


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