Understanding Dental Implants and How They Are Used

In recent years, if someone needed dental implants, it took anywhere from 3 to 6 months between getting the titanium posts anchored into the jaw and gums and getting the final crowns attached.  During this time, patients either had to get by with no tooth and a metal rod in the gap or have a temporary shell attached that had to be babied so it would not come loose. That was then, now things have changed and for the better thanks to advances in dental care and cosmetic procedures! Dental implants in Chesterfield have never been faster or easier to get thanks to what is known as immediate function implants.

Immediate Function

If you have had a lot of dental work done or know someone who works in the dental field, you may have heard this term mentioned before. Immediate function means that implants used to fill the gaps left by missing or damaged teeth can be attached in as little as 48 hours. Much, much faster than traditional implant timelines, these immediate function implants give the patient the ability to eat drink, and speak normally with minimal wait time. Trade names for these types of implants vary but usually involve some form of the phrases “teeth in a day,” or “teeth in an hour.” These services make it easier for people to get the smile they want, take care of their teeth, and get on with their life with less inconvenience, quicker healing time, and fewer restrictions.

Implants in Chesterfield

If you have been looking for dental implants in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas, you are in luck! One of the best cosmetic dental groups in the area is Chesterfield Family Dentistry! Call today to schedule your consultation appointment!


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